Friday, October 1, 2010

Evolution Aint Always Easy

Hi folks. Once again, I'd like to humbly thank my readers for your interest and support. The past few weeks have been a turning point for me; I've finally learned to treat my writing as my chosen job...the job I truly love to do. And that is because I've allowed myself to actually sit down and DO that job. I had a long conversation with a fellow writer/best friend of mine, and that conversation finally kicked my butt into gear. Especially when I realized that I will be 34 this weekend. So, despite any frustrations or self doubts or (let's be honest) laziness, I am finally writing regularly, and the more I write, the more I love to write. Especially about the Seraph crew. which brings me to my point, and recent news.

As you have undoubtedly noticed, I have removed Captain Maelstorme Smythe's Journal entries from this blog. I am doing this for several reasons; first off, I am revising the history of the world of Aerthe, the mirror Earth that Mael and his crew are residents of. Secondly, the more I realize about Mael's entire story, the more I realize that some of the things I wrote before are a bit off; for instance, the Seraph isn't a zeppelin airship. She is something more dangerous and valuable. Lastly, I am combining and editing the existing journals into short stories, which I am attempting to have published. The short story "Black Skies" will be published in the upcoming Steampunk edition of Fissure magazine in November!

This blog will not be empty, however. I plan to post entries in the words of the Seraph crew members that give you insight into the world of Aerthe, as well as maps of Aerthe and descriptions of creatures and characters from the Seraph stories! Stay with me here, folks. It's going to be a great year.

In related news, my work on the first Seraph novel, "Forging the Seraph," continues. I am giving myself a serious deadline of February 1st to have the first draft completed.

In other news, I have co-written my first feature-length screenplay called Plateye as well as a pilot script for a web show. The web show has to remain a bit of a secret for now, as Evil Duck Productions is planning to film the pilot episode next month. Once it is on the web, I promise to reveal the details. As for Plateye, here is the synopsis:

"Plateye is a tale of southern-fried horror with a side of teenage angst. It is based on the Gullah legend of the Plateye- an undead servant created from sacrificed slaves. Plateye is the story of Shaun Whately, a goth kid from New York, who finds himself growing up in a very unfamiliar Southern culture.

Shaun and his family soon meet the colorful residents of the rural Southern town of Beulah. Residents who may know than they are letting on about the wicked slave owner, John Hatchet and his dark secrets. Unfortunately for Shaun, his new home is a creepy old plantation house full of those secrets; the same plantation house that once belonged to Hatchet.

When Shaun unwittingly discovers Hatchet's journal, the stage is set for Shaun and his new found cohorts to search for a legendary hoard of Confederate gold, stolen by Hatchet himself. Little does Shaun know that a sinister surprise lies in wait for him and his reluctant group of friends as they near Hatchet's trove. For the very slave that carried Hatchet's gold into the secret swamp cave are the same angry spiritis that murderously guard it to this day."

As for other recent projects, I am currently working on two more movie scripts as well, with ideas for plenty more. Looks like it's going to be a productive year for me. Wish me luck, and thanks again for your support. I will keep this blog posted when stories/novels are published. In the meantime, please speak up! I never get to hear from you guys. Please give me some feedback. How am I doing? What do you want to see on this blog?

Thanks again,
Shane McElveen

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